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Giving your pension planning a boost

Planning for a comfortable retirement takes a little effort and no small amount of financial discipline – to ensure you are setting aside a reasonable amount each month so this might provide you with reasonable pension fund at retirement. We are all aware of the “magic” of compound interest (earning interest on your interest) and […]

Getting Mortgage Ready?

New Year, new dreams. If you are looking at buying a new home or trading up during 2019 don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We can arrange a new mortgage on your behalf. Indeed where you have an existing mortgage there is no harm in checking just how competitive your existing repayment rate […]

Keeping your All your Pension Plans in ONE PLACE

Job Mobility and Your Pension Mobility of labour is very much a part of current employment trends which in many eyes is a good thing for all parties involved. The days of staying with the one employer to retirement are long gone. Of course this means that many of us have experienced a variety of […]

The Value of Income Protection

Though it might seem self-explanatory by the name, not everyone is necessarily clear on the details of what income protection means and the nitty-gritty of what it can provide. Situations fluctuate and what you, personally, are entitled to might not be very clear. As with the other blogs in our The Value Of… series, we […]

The Value of Pensions

Retirement might seem a distant horizon away or it could be on your doorstep very soon. No matter your age, the questions usually surrounding pensions are: should I start investing now and how can I be expected to use it when I need to? Like the other posts in our ‘Value of…’ series, investing as soon as you can into […]

The Value of Serious Illness Cover

Unplanned and unexpected – the diagnosis of a serious illness can cause an unprecedented amount of stress upon not just yourself, but your family and dependents too. Securing a financial safety net is key to lifting some of the weight off your shoulders in the event of being diagnosed with a severe ailment. So What […]

The Value of Family Life Cover

No one really likes to think about a premature death, but if you have dependents who rely on you for financial support, family life cover can offer reassurance and stability if any unfortunate circumstances occur. If you’ve recently gotten married, cohabiting or have a child, it might have triggered you into seeking out life insurance decisions. What […]