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Mortgages – How To Secure A Mortage

15 Mar 2017

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Once you’ve found your perfect home, your next question will be ‘How do I get a mortgage?’.

What’s involved in getting a mortgage?

When securing a mortgage, you must consider more than just the financial aspect of the situation. Mortgage lenders do not offer mortgages to any person that wants one and we can help you maintain good habits that mortgage lenders look for in a prospective applicant. Lenders are going to be looking for customers that have proven they can manage mortgage repayments whilst having enough money to cover repayments in the event of interest rate rises and other unexpected events.

Lenders will check your income, your savings and your banking habits to ensure you are a suitable candidate to receive a mortgage. Recent changes in the mortgage industry mean that your spending habits are now under more scrutiny than ever before. You need to be extremely aware of where your outgoings are being spent before embarking into the mortgage market.

Steps you can start taking

Securing a mortgage is not an overnight process for anybody who requires one so we need to take positive steps over an extended period before application. The best thing you can possibly do once you’re certain you want to secure a mortgage is begin saving and reducing your existing debts, you will without a doubt be expected to put down a minimum of 10% deposit so you need to have money saved before you jump into this commitment.

Another ideal step to take is to research lenders that you may use when it comes to buying a mortgage. The amount of money lenders offer varies greatly depending on a number of factors regarding your personal circumstances. We have access to a very wide range of mortgage providers so we can do much of this legwork for you

Why come to us?

We can continue to educate our clients about mortgages but the fact of the matter is the easiest way to secure a mortgage is approach us as your mortgage broker. We offer services from the complex to the simple whether it be completing an application form to assisting you with setting up associated life cover as part of the ongoing mortgage process.

Be sure to pay a visit to our products and services page to find out more about mortgages and why you should choose Full Circle Financial Services Limited to work with.

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